Understanding the Urban Future: President Berkowitz at Milken

President Berkowitz attended a panel a the Milken Institute entitled, “The Urban 6 Billion: A Blueprint for Development Through Private Investment.”

The moderator framed the conversation: “60 to 70 million new people will join urban areas each year, through birth or migration, for the next 30 years. Why does it make sense that the city has become the foundational unit of analysis, and what does this mean for private investment for our urban future? What are the roles of the government and other sectors in securing this future?”
Berkowitz responded, “First, when I talk about ‘cities,’ I’m not talking about municipal governments. ‘Cities’ are the entire ecosystem: civil society, the private sector, and the various levels of government that make the city work…So all of the sectors are very important for successful cities.”


Watch the full panel below.