Jacob Russell / International Rescue Committee

Turning Migration Challenges into Opportunities to Build Resilience

The 100 Resilient Cities network enables Chief Resilience Officers to come together and address the common challenges their cities face.

Mass migration is one such challenge. With over 60 million people worldwide fleeing their homes, an additional 20 million people being displaced by extreme weather events, and tens of millions more moving to seek opportunity, mass migration is rapidly becoming a major stress for cities.

Last fall, in Athens, Greece, we convened resilience teams from eight of our member cities, along with experts and partner organizations, to share insights and collaborate on innovative solutions for global migration.

Today, we’re releasing a new report – “Global Migration: Resilient Cities at the Forefront” – to share learnings, resources, and tools to help cities adapt to global migration; to better integrate new residents; and to ensure they are making the most of this opportunity.

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This report highlights the innovative ways that cities are confronting this growing challenge. They include a program in Montreal, Canada that helps small businesses with recruitment challenges and extends economic opportunity to migrants while strengthening their own businesses; a program in Amman, Jordan that is improving solid waste infrastructure to adapt to a large population influx, while reducing CO2 emissions and creating jobs; and a program in Los Angeles that is bolstering services at its public libraries to assist migrants on the path to citizenship. The report points to the programs that are practical and replicable and can benefit all cities.

Cities can and must meet this challenge head-on. By working with engaged communities and leaders, partners and organizations, cities can turn this challenge into an opportunity.