Toyama and 100RC: Our city’s outlook on urban resilience

From May 14 – 18, 100 Resilient Cities celebrates the five-year anniversary of our founding. We asked Mayors, Chief Resilience Officers, Partners and leaders from around our global network to tell us about the accomplishments they’re most proud of and what they see for the future of their work. 

On its 5th birthday, I want to congratulate 100 Resilient Cities. Our partnership with 100RC has been instrumental in advancing our resilience agenda. 100RC’s support in funding a Chief Resilience Officer, developing our Resilience Strategy, and providing access to best practices through the 100RC network, have been invaluable and I have greatly enjoyed working with 100RC to increase Toyama’s international presence and ability to model resilience practices for other cities around the world.

Personally, the opportunity to meet with my fellow mayors during the City Leaders’ Summit in 2017 was an unforgettable experience. Along with the new global friendships I made with other mayors, it was a truly eye-opening experience to discuss mutual concerns and also learn about municipal issues which are different from those in my city, bringing a new perspective to my daily work as a mayor.

This first 5-year period was a resilience seeding phase for Toyama. I am looking forward to the new kinds of flowers which will bloom in next 5 years, which in 10 to 15 years will bear fruit for our city. In particular, we are exporting our renewable energy expertise to South East Asian countries, and within the 100RC network we have now completed a memorandum of understanding with the city of Semarang, Indonesia. It will take time for these projects to take root, but in next 5 years, I expect tangible benefits will grow in both Semarang and Toyama through this cooperative effort.