The State of Our Cities

The global urban resilience movement is gaining speed, and 100RC member cities are leading the way as pioneers of resilience thinking and practice. But, as 100 Resilient Cities President Michael Berkowitz noted in his remarks at the 2nd Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) Summit, challenges remain for cities across the globe.

The need for urban resilience has never been more urgent than it was in 2015. People are migrating at the most massive scale in history; managing water is a growing challenge; and inequity continues to define the urban agenda. At the same time, these challenges provide an opportunity for cities to change and grow.

In collaboration with member cities, we have identified promising approaches to confronting these challenges and seizing these opportunities, namely: diverse partnerships, leveraging and unlocking the value of already-committed city assets, and defining challenges more precisely and correctly.

Watch Berkowitz’s full remarks from the Summit in Mexico below.

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