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The Tel Aviv-Yafo resilience strategy deals with inequality, alienation, socio-economic gaps and other critical shocks and stresses.

It ultimately aims to enable the municipality to build a solid society while addressing key urban issues such as climate change, equitable access and participation to public life and resource diversification.

The strategy aims:

  • To create togetherness by boosting the city and its residents
  • Make the city accessible and equitable while addressing new climate vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce the cost of living empowering vulnerable populations, cultivating businesses and promoting a complimentary economy identifying new and innovative mechanisms of operation
  • Develop a strong sense of community and promote social responsibility targeted to all those in need
  • Connecting to nature and increase environmental sustainability

The Resilience Strategy focuses on five ‘discovery areas’, based on the Tel Aviv City Vision which was also produced in collaboration with 100RC:

  1. Yafo – developing tools to strengthen trust between Yafo’s residents and the Municipality; fostering collaborations; and improving community life and the public and social order.
  2. The Southern Coast and Beach – upgrading Tel Aviv-Yafo’s southern coast and beach; leveraging them to build capacity and develop community identity among the local population; cultivating and enhancing existing natural resources and the environment, and improving the quality of the public space.
  3. Complementary Economy – developing and boosting the city’s local social-economic potential, particularly for disadvantaged groups, small businesses and local initiatives, in Yafo and the southern part of the city.
  4. Sustainability in the Community – encouraging residents to lead a sustainable lifestyle in order to lower the cost of living and achieve a better quality of life and resilience.
  5. Social Responsibility through Volunteering – fostering volunteer opportunities as a tool to strengthen social responsibility, develop social cohesion and solidarity, and build trust.
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