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Melaka’s first Resilience Strategy guides the historic city in strengthening its ability to survive, adapt and thrive amidst the urban challenges it faces both today, and in the future.

The Resilient Melaka strategy sets a vision for a “a vibrant city, where smart governance, collective leadership, sustainable mobility and protective infrastructure supports a thriving, healthy community that is proud of Melaka’s outstanding universal values as a world heritage city.”

The strategy is organized into three pillars which reflect the city’s vision and needs for Melaka’s future:

01 Thriving and Engaged Communities

02 A Livable, Vibrant and Efficiently Connected City

03 Collective Leadership and Smart Governance

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This pillar emphasizes the fundamental role of our community in building resilience. This pillar brings together actions to equip Melaka’s residents, households and business owners with the knowledge and skills to address our city’s water, waste and health challenges effectively. It also encourages all citizens to celebrate and preserve Melaka’s unique heritage, and take part in the conversation about our city’s future.


Pillar 2 brings together actions to improve to our mobility network, public transport services, urban spaces and infrastructure so that they can create healthier environments for residents and visitors. These actions seek to improve resident’s quality of life, but also aim to enhance the attractiveness of Melaka to visitors and investors.


Pillar 3 seeks to broaden Melaka’s capacity to act upon key issues for Melaka’s future by building a network of private and public stakeholders; developing a data-driven and evidence based approach to key decisions; and promoting integrated long-term planning across different departments and agencies.

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