Rockefeller President Dr. Rodin Discusses Resilience at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

An increasingly interconnected world is one that is more susceptible to disruption. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, and sophisticated computer hackers can have a greater impact than ever before, especially as urban populations grow and more of our lives reside on computer networks. But resilience to these challenges is being built every day, often from surprising sources. As cities, corporations, and individuals adapt to interconnectivity, which innovations will best maintain our way of life? How vulnerable are we to the disruptions of tomorrow?


The Chicago Council is hosting Dr. Judith Rodin for a discussion on the path toward a more resilient world in Chicago, one of 100 Resilient Cities’ newest member cities. Watch the live stream below, starting at 6:30 PM EST. Dr. Rodin is scheduled to come on closer to 7:00 PM ET.

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