Resilient 2015: a Year in Review

2015 marked many firsts and important milestones for 100 Resilient Cities. As we close out a successful year of growth, progress, and key lessons for urban resilience, join us in revisiting the moments that made 2015 so significant — and check out some you might have missed:

The First-Ever Resilience Strategy Releases 

From application, to Workshops, and finally to this major city milestone — this year, 100RC saw our first cities release their Resilience Strategies, taking a crucial step in integrating resilience into their priorities and planning, and fulfilling one of the primary purposes of their partnership with 100RC. In April, New York City became the first member city to release their unified strategy, focused on building a strong and just city. In August, New Orleans followed suit with the release of their Resilient NOLA Strategy, a plan centered on living with water. Finally, in October Norfolk released an innovative Strategy focused on using water as an asset and opportunity for resilience. As we look ahead to 2016, we know our first releases have laid the foundation for dozens of strong releases to come.

The 10% Resilience Pledge & First-Ever “Resilience Day” at COP

As leaders from around the world gathered in Paris for COP21, we marked the first-ever Resilience Day with an announcement of the most ambitious commitment to resilience to date: The 10% Resilience Pledge. It represents over $5.2 billion dollars that 22 global mayors have pledged to resilience-building, the most ambitious financial commitment to urban resilience yet.

Deeper Partner Relationships

As the work in our cities evolves, our partnerships are quickly growing. Through innovative and powerful new partnerships with Rebuild by Design, and critical new Platform Partners Microsoft, Save the ChildrenSocial Finance, and Trimble, this year we advanced and diversified the tools and solutions available to our cities to address their resilience challenges.

Gathering, Sharing, Learning

Mayors from around the world gathered in Bellagio, Italy for the first-ever City Leaders Summit on Urban Resilience to discuss and share their resilience challenges. A month later, CROs and resilience leaders from over 50 cities and from 40 Platform Partners convened in Mexico City to share ideas, further best practices, and cross-develop necessary resilience tools.

Getting to ‘100’ Resilient Cities

In November, we closed the third round of Challenge Applications, putting us one step closer to completing our roster of 100 cities working to build urban resilience around the world. Look out next year for an announcement of which cities are joining the 100RC network.

As we reflect on an incredible year and look toward 2016, we want to take a moment to thank you — our community. Without your feedback, participation, ideas, and commitment to building urban resilience, our movement would not be possible. We’re looking forward to sharing, growing, and building with you next year.