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Podcast: Before the flood – on climate change and rising sea levels

Of the challenges faced by cities in the next century, the effects of climate change can be among the most confounding. Flooding and rising sea levels in cities such as New Orleans is no longer theoretical — cities must prepare to embrace and live with water, rather than simply try to fight it.

This week, we kicked off a new partnership with CityMetric’s “Skylines” podcast to help tell the story of the critical work coastal cities are doing to deal with rising sea levels, starting with two port cities in the 100RC Network that are well known for their innovative and pioneering approach to water management — Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Norfolk in the United States.

In this episode, the show’s hosts, John Elledge and Stephanie Boland, and India Bourke, who writes about energy and the environment for New Statesman, speak with Arnoud Molenaar, Chief Resilience Officer for Rotterdam and Christine Morris and Katerina Oskarsson, Chief Resilience Officer and Deputy Chief Resilience Officer for the city of Norfolk.

On the podcast, they discuss what challenges these cities face due to water; what measures these resilience leaders are taking to defend against them; and how to win the battle for political support.

The episode itself is below. You can subscribe to the podcast on Acast, iTunes, or RSS.



This map, produced for CityMetric by Statista, highlights quite how many of the world’s megacities are on the coast – and how much trouble they’ll be in as the temperature rises:

You can read more here.

And below is the red/blue map that the show’s hosts discuss in the podcast, which shows quite how densely populated Bangladesh is:

The shaded red area is a lot of people living in some very low lying land. You can read more here.