Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy

Senior Advisor

Stewart has been Senior Advisor since January 2016, acting first as regional director and relationship manager in Latin America and the Caribbean and then as acting director for the Europe and the Middle East. In January of 2018 Stewart began special projects on Sponsored Member Cities Cities and Resilience Finance and is now focused almost entirely on Resilience Finance efforts. Prior to coming to 100 Resilient Cities, Stewart served as Managing Director at Context Partners, where, among other projects, he engaged in the management of the 100 Resilient Cities challenge creation.

Stewart served in the US Government at HUD and the Hurricane Sandy Task Force during the Obama Administration, having previously built sustainability and private sector forces in international and indigenous communities through sovereignty projects and community development finance.

Stewart is also director of the Island Resilience Initiative at the Global Island Partnership, blending resilience, SDGs, PPPs and solution investment pipelines. Stewart is the founder of Precovery Labs and is most passionate about our global ocean and waterways and the nexus with our cities, working on strategy and storytelling dealing with ocean plastics and documenting the lives of fishing villages and far flung island and coastal communities. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram @precoverylabs.