Smita Rawoot

Associate Director, City Resilience Delivery - NAM

Smita is an urban planner, architect, and urban designer. She has worked extensively in the field of planning and design for the past 18 years. Through her design, planning, and public policy work she has supported the development of inclusive communities with vibrant public realms and environmentally and economically sustainable places. Her experience developing diverse project types include: residential, education, hospitality, and special needs housing developments in the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

As a business leader and Principal at a leading US design firm, she led the structuring and setup of a new regional planning studio, and through this work she developed a keen understanding of the opportunities and constraints of development in fast growing and rapidly urbanizing regions in Asia. Her focus areas in public policy and urban planning include: displacement, migration, gentrification, housing, resiliency planning, public space planning & land use planning and zoning law. Smita is passionate about cities and has a deep understanding of urban policy. She has travelled and worked in many regions of the world.

Smita holds a Masters in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Masters in Architecture from Pratt Institute and a Bachelor in Architecture from Sushant School of Arts and Architecture.