Saurabh Gaidhani

Associate Director, City Resilience Delivery - APAC

Saurabh Gaidhani is an Associate Director with 100 Resilient Cities based in Singapore. As part of 100 Resilient Cities, he manages cities in India & South East Asia. He has crafted a multi-disciplinary set of work experiences to examine and solve today’s complex urban problems from various perspectives with an emphasis on long-term sustainability, resilience and community living.

Saurabh has a background in Urban Planning & Architecture. He has been trained as an Urban Planner from National University of Singapore (NUS) & Architecture from Pune University and is also a registered planner at the Singapore Institute of Planners.

Prior joining to 100RC he was part of AECOM, Singapore where he developed a master plan and prescriptive design guidelines for an industrial park, visualized environmental waterfront regulations, drafted language to develop mix use development, developed expertise in transit-oriented projects, and designed frameworks for urban regeneration projects. Saurabh has experience working in various cities in South East Asia & the Indian Subcontinent.