Samuel Carter

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Samuel Carter is Director of the Resilience Accelerator at 100 Resilient Cities. In this role, he is leading a partnership with Columbia University’s Center for Resilient Cities and Landscapes to engage faculty and students in 100RC’s work.  He is currently developing the accelerator to spot key moments in a project’s lifecycle where we can convene and connect expertise to create more funding and investment opportunities and produce better resilience outcomes.

Sam most recently served as Managing Director leading the Resilience Team at The Rockefeller Foundation.  In that role he led the Foundation’s partnership with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development on the National Disaster Resilience Competition, as well as its work in the New York region post Sandy and in the Louisiana state ongoing long term recovery efforts.  He also served as an advisor on the Global Resilience Partnership, a collaboration with DFID and USAID to connect humanitarian response to long term planning to improve the strength of communities and reduce repetitive losses.

In 2007, Sam helped to establish the Institute for Public Knowledge at New York University, where he served as Associate Director.  Prior to working at the IPK, Mr. Carter worked as Program Coordinator for the President’s Office of the Social Science Research Council, where he coordinated the SSRC Katrina Task Force and two books for the Privatization of Risk Series with Columbia University Press.

Sam has taught at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and NYU’s Stern School of Business.  He has served as a Researcher for Vice President Joe Biden and political strategist Robert Shrum.  Mr. Carter studied planning and policy at NYU.