Katya Sienkiewicz

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Before joining 100RC, Katya spent over fifteen years working throughout the world as a Foreign Service Officer for USAID, most recently on disaster risk reduction work in South Asia, diaspora issues with IOM, and refugee returns in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Office of the High Representative. Katya brings vast international experience and knowledge to the 100RC team, specifically in areas such as agriculture, counterinsurgency, conflict management and human rights programming across Latin America, Africa and Asia. She was awarded the U.S. Army’s Highest Senior Civilian Service Award for her work in Kandahar Province in 2009-2010 and is a Phi Beta Kappa member. Katya received her Bachelor’s Degree from St. Lawrence University in Sociology and Environmental Studies and her Master’s Degree in Development Economics, Conflict and Trade from The Fletcher School at Tufts University.