David Jácome Polit

David Jacome is an architect with a degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador – Quito. He also holds a specialization in real estate management by the Tecnologico de Monterrey in addition to a master’s degree obtained at the TU Delft (Cum Laude), majoring in architectural engineering and technology in sustainable development. He was the leading student of the Dutch team that participated in the Solar Decathlon Europe Paris-2014, winning the first place in sustainability, among other awards. As Metropolitan Director of Urban Development and as a technical advisor at the Secretary of Planning, Habitat and Housing at the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito, he has been in charge of important strategic projects of land management and urban planning of the city, including the regulation that would enable the densification of certain parts of the city in compliance with minimum requirements of eco-efficiency. He is currently professor of undergraduate and master’s degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador-Quito.