Alex Ryan

Manager, Strategy Delivery

Alex joined 100RC in December 2016 as an Associate and splits his time between the Strategy Delivery and City Solutions teams. He will work closely with both units and will be based in the London office at King’s Cross.

Prior to joining 100RC, Alex worked at AECOM in Manchester, UK, where he was part of the wider Strategic Planning & Advisory division, specialising in transport planning and logistics. Alex worked with a number of clients, including the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the Government of Latvia, the Welsh Government and a range of local and national authorities within the UK. Key projects included advising on green investment opportunities within the freight market in 6 European and African countries, modelling transport systems and demand in British metropolitan areas and creating the business case for investment in the British rail network. At AECOM, Alex was a member of the AECOM’s CSR team and worked with charities both locally and nationally and was responsible for founding partnerships between AECOM and local organisations.

Alex received an MSc from the University of Leeds in Sustainable Transport in 2015. During his time at Leeds, Alex was involved in a range of projects, including developing a 2050 masterplan for Kigali, Rwanda, and air quality analysis in along major thoroughfares in London and Leeds. He is also an Alumni Representative for the University and has been invited by Leeds to attend conferences as the keynote speaker, something he continues to do today. In addition to his MSc, Alex studied Geography at the University of Liverpool. This included modules such as Urban and Environmental Economic, Town and Country Planning and Geographies of Resistance. He also studied abroad and worked with fellow students at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Alex holds dual British and Irish citizenship.