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Listen: How Three American U.S. Cities are Adapting to Climate Change

Cities are the frontlines of climate change and taking action means understanding the risks, engaging the public, and implementing realistic and long-term solutions.

Leaders in three U.S. 100RC cities — New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Boulder — spoke on WBUR’s “Here & Now” radio show about how their cities are adapting to its effects. Have a listen below:

How 3 U.S. Cities Are Adapting To Climate Change


New Orleans Chief Resilience Officer Jeff Hebert spoke about storm preparation and how the city is adapting to the conditions brought on by climate change right now.

The city of Los Angeles‘s Chief Sustainability Officer Matt Peterson spoke about ways the city is adapting its communities for a drier future by engaging neighborhoods in improving their own resilience.

Finally, Boulder‘s Mayor, Suzanne Jones, spoke about how the city is adapting its emergency preparedness and making its critical facilities more redundant and reliable.