CityMart and Melbourne Partner to Improve Social Outcomes and Reduce Traffic Congestion

Melbourne, Australia’s fastest growing city, has a comprehensive transportation network that offers trains, trams, bicycles and car travel as viable modes for urban mobility. However, its system has not kept pace with the city’s rapid growth and as a result, severe congestion, and longer travel times are common. Critical to the city’s resilience building efforts, this is negatively impacting the city’s social systems – with opportunities for civic engagement and community participation undercut by the hours residents must spend commuting.

The office of the city’s Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) and its partners are looking for innovative solutions that address the dual concern of traffic congestion and social isolation. To form effective strategies, they have sought out the services of 100RC Platform Partner, CityMart, to run a challenge seeking “creative, feasible and impactful ideas to address these complex and connected issues, and bring new thinking to address the challenge problem: to help reduce transport congestion, and/or make the experience of travel more socially fulfilling, thereby making an important contribution to our city’s resilience.” CityMart is a global organization that partners with cities to help innovate the government procurement process through challenges open to all individuals with good ideas rather than a traditional process that tends to favor existing approaches and established players.

The challenge is open from the end of March to the end of June, 2017, with winners to be announced in late July.