Becoming a Platform Partner

100 Resilient Cities (100RC) provides member cities with  a network of partners and services as one of its four core offerings.  Through the 100RC Partner Platform member cities can access a curated suite of resilience-building tools and services supplied by carefully selected partners from the private, public, academic, and non-profit sectors. Platform partners offerings are provided to cities on a pro-bono basis.

How does the Platform help cities?

The tools and services on the 100RC Partner Platform are designed to help cities assess resilience issues, prepare their resilience strategies, and design and implement the resilience initiatives established through their strategies. The Platform enables cities to access tools and services that they may not know existed or understand how to apply them to their specific needs.  With the support of the Platform, cities further develop their capacity to design and implement projects that specifically deliver resilience value. It is also an opportunity for cities to leverage resources beyond the $100+ million commitment that the Rockefeller Foundation initially made when it pioneered 100RC.

How does the Platform help partners?

Through the Platform, we are facilitating a process by which the cities help inform and build the market, across different sectors, for resilience-specific services and solutions. Armed with a better understanding of what cities need,  private sector, NGOs, and publicly-funded partners are developing new business offerings or differentiating their offerings on the market for their resilience value. Participation on the Partner Platform also automatically brings partners into a managed network that supports collaborative efforts between partners to innovate and to develop opportunities together. Ultimately, Platform Partners are part of a collective effort to develop the global practice of urban resilience.

If you are interested in becoming a Platform Partner, please answer the questions below. You can see a list of our current partners here:

We make every effort to review each query. However, because of the high volume of interest we receive, we are simply unable to respond to every inquiry.

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