100RC and Arup: Resilience Actions Inventory and Stakeholder Perceptions Review tools

Explore resilience challenges and opportunities in your city using our user-friendly tools.


The City Resilience Actions and Perceptions tools developed by 100RC and Arup are based on the City Resilience Index. These tools have been developed and tested with 80 cities around the world since 2014, continuously improved based on user feedback.

The tools are designed to support a qualitative diagnosis of a city’s resilience, contributing to the development of their comprehensive Resilience Strategy. Our Chief Resilience Officers are using these tools to complement their city’s planning and engagement process with the aim to focus on resilience.

The Stakeholder Perceptions Review enables cities to holistically assess ‘factors’ that contribute to the resilience of the city, positively or negatively.

The Resilience Actions Inventory captures existing actions within a city that contribute to urban resilience.

A complimentary Actions + Perceptions Overlay tool enables cities to compare stakeholder perceptions with city actions.

The resulting analysis and visualizations produced by these tools can help guide conversations with diverse stakeholders on a city’s resilience strengths and weaknesses. The tools analyze what ‘cities are perceiving’ and what ‘cities are doing’ across the 12 drivers of city resilience.

Both 100RC and Arup are please to make these tools accessible to individuals and organizations interested in supporting cities on their resilience journeys. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The tools in Microsoft Excel format and a training deck describing their use can be downloaded below:


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